Do you have Insurance Cover in place?

We have Goods in Transit cover up to £140,000 for general transport collections and deliveries. For domestic removal we have a level of cover of £40,000 per truck.

This is an all risk policy. In the unfortunate event of a claim, our insurers will take over in settling the claim in a correct manner. Insurance claims carry and excess of £250 in the event of any individual claim.

Fortunately this is not something we deal with very often due to the quality of the staff we employ.

When Can you collect and delivery my goods that I require transporting on a consolidated trip?

We will confirm a date and give a two to three hour time slot for this. In the event that a consignment require collection one week for delivery the following wee, we can advise on a date for delivery and then we will call the delivery address three days prior to delivery to advise on a suggested time of delivery that suits all parties.

Do you supply loan cartons and packing materials with no charge?

Generally on local moves we are able to deliver and supply loan cartons at no charge. White paper and bubble packaging can be supplied and we can advise on charges involved. On removals that travel further a field, we would need to charge for the cartons as it becomes unviable financially to collect.

Are you able to pre-pack all small items in our home?

We can supply a team of packer to pre-pack your removal a day or two prior to your removal and can advise on the additional costs.

How will you move the goods in my wardrobe?

We are able to supply hanging wardrobe cartons so the hanging garment can be simply transferred from the rail in the wardrobe to the carton. On local removals, these can be loaned with no charge and on removals further a field, we can supply free of charge providing we are able to collect the cartons on completion of the delivery.

Can you send our goods abroad?

We are able to send goods, however large or small the consignment to most parts of the world. We would require further information to advise on charges and the best method to send the items. Our office will be more than happy to talk to you about this process and will require further information from you so we fully understand the extent of the consignment required.

What do I need to do prior to my removal?

Electrical TV/Hi Fi Systems - Please have these disconnected. Panel Televisions will need to be remove from the wall fixing. We will use transit blankets and card to protect the screen of televisions.

Washing Machines - Should be disconnected by a qualifies Plumber with the drum fixing brackets to hold the drum in place.

Freezers - Should be empties and dried. This will avoid water leaking onto the floor of the truck with the rest of the consignment.

Loft - Should be emptied prior to the removal day unless we have specified that we will undertake this for you.

Parking - Try to ensure there is off road parking or road side parking available that is equivalent to a double decker bus size or five car spaces.

When will you require payment for my removal?

Payment are generally collected upon the completion of your removal unless we have otherwise stated.

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